Redwoods National Park

Rain, rain, sheets of rain. I’m not a rainy kinda girl. So as we drove down Hwy 101, I wondered, “what’s it going to be like camping in the redwoods in the rain?” I’m here to tell you, it was an experience like no other.

We pulled into a visitors center in Crescent City, and they suggested we go to Jedediah Smith State Park. It’s part of the national park. The woman said that it’s an old park, and our RV size may be tight, but it should work. She was right. Very tight. Low hanging branches and not much room to maneuver PeeWee into a spot. But we persevered and here we are!

Rain continued to fall as we set up camp. Humidity saturated just about everything. But, without rain, this incredible forest would not exist. Ok, raincoat on, time to explore!

The campsite is on the Smith River. It is the only undammed river in California. So it is, in the words of the park ranger, “pristine,”

The next morning, the sky was clear. It was hard to see through all of the trees. But the rain had stopped! Time for breakfast and then a hike! We chose the Hiouchi trail, 4 miles there and back.

The hike exceeded my expectations! No wonder they chose this place to film a scene for Return of the Jedi!

This tree was open to make a tunnel. The trail went straight through it.

No one else was on this trail. We felt lucky to see wild shamrocks. Lol!☘️

The redwood trees can live more than 2,000 years! The tallest ones are up to 379 feet! The diameter can be up to 26 feet! A

And the trees provide a perfect environment for many other creatures. Check out this fungi:

These trees are so beautiful. I touched the bark and could feel their energy. Amazing!

It was an incredible adventure. The smell was damp, yet fresh with the distinct perfume of the pines.

The trail ended at the river. Perfect time for a snack and a rest.

There have been so many times that I think of my family and friends. I imagine they were here with me, sharing this adventure and soaking up this natural beauty. The intention of the blog is to share what I can with anyone who is interested. I really hope you enjoy what I have written. Know that we are doing well, and we intend to continue our journey indefinitely. Time will tell. Until then, I leave you with this:

From, 2 treehuggers. 🌲🌲

5 thoughts on “Redwoods National Park”

  1. I want to cry it’s so beautiful. I’m with you in spirit holding down the fort in Chicago waiting for meredith to come in for the shower in a few weeks! Wish you and Steph were gonna be here to celebrate but will have to wait for XMas?? Love, love, and more love! β˜˜οΈπŸŒ³πŸπŸŒ§πŸ‘―

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