Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride by Terry

We’re at another transitional point in our travels. We’re getting ready to take a flight from Phoenix to Ft. Lauderdale on Tuesday. That entails prepping the RV (PeeWee) for storage for 3 weeks, staying in a hotel for a night prior to departure, and parking the car while we’re away. We’ve gotten away from remote camping the last few days. It’s all part of the diversity of environments we are so fortunate to experience during this adventure.

Speaking of adventures, today Annette and I went on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. I’d been told by a Euro-Canadian we met at a campsite outside of Tucson of a “don’t miss” day-trip close to where we’re staying here in Apache Junction. He was right and it was fabulous.

This map would make it appear that there is a paved road going to the junction with AZ 188.

Wrong! After we passed through an extremely crowded Tortilla Flats the paved road disappeared. We stopped at a beautiful lookout spot and, viewing the steep, rugged road from there, talked about turning back . We’d already seen some gorgeous sights; I said let’s go on. Hell, it’s not like hiking, where you have to walk and climb back when you’ve gone too far. On we went, and boy am I glad we did. At some point, the Versa (Mr. Toad) decided it was a Jeep and for the next 33 miles we climbed, bounced, and rolled through some of the most majestic country we’ve seen so far.

Sunday is a work day (nyuk, nyuk), meaning getting ready for air travel. Monday, once we’ve secured the RV, we’ll see the Cubs at a spring training game (I’ve always wanted to) and then off to see great friends in the Sunshine State. The dream goes on.

By Annette: ok i just had to post this picture of an RV putting a boat in the water. Doesn’t look real safe, does it?

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