Mesa, Arizona

Spring training for our Chicago Cubs in Arizona has been something both Terry and I have talked about over the years. We dreamed of flying out of cold, wet Chicago and arriving in sunny, dry Phoenix to experience the beginning of the baseball season. But our dream to get there took a detour. The dream became part of an even bigger plan that we affectionately call PeeWee’s Big Adventure. So although we have been in sunny, mostly warm weather for quite awhile, sitting in the sun in Mesa and watching our team was definitely a highlight of this trip.

Sloane Park is like a mini Wrigley Field. So many Cub fans!! Hot Dogs! 9$ beers!

My day was MADE when I got to meet Lee Smith! He was a relief pitcher for the Cubs from 1980-1987. The man had 478 saves! Oh how I loved watching Mr. Lee💙❤️💙❤️!

Terry and Lee chatted like old friends. It’s so soothing to listen to old dudes talking baseball. I can’t talk stats, but I sure love hearing them. Then Lee said, “come on give me a hug” and that was that!

Doesn’t that 1942 Cub look like a badger?? 😂😂

Our evening concluded with dinner and a drink with Chris Ford, and old friend from Wilmette.

And now Terry and I are at the airport, preparing for our Florida adventure. Ciao for now!

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