Lyons, Colorado

Lots of emotions; both high and low upon returning to the Front Range. Our travels have led us to places we only dreamed of seeing and experiences we never considered. It has been EPIC, a chance of a lifetime, another opportunity to fall in love again, time to heal and renew. I’m forever thankful for all of this.

We have decided to settle back in Longmont Colorado. It’s a wonderful place for us. We like the people we’ve met, the proximity to the mountains, and the climate. It’s kinda country, with good shopping lol!

Once we get settled in a house, we hope to have visitors, so remember that. Until then, we are living in a nice RV park in Lyons. We have tickets to visit our beautiful grandchildren in Spain. Our son and daughter are having weddings this year. Love is all around, and for that I am so very grateful. 😊❤️

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