San Sebastián

So very far away. I’m not a great long distance traveler. For some reason, all of my senses go on high alert when I’m on a 9 hour flight. Sounds and smells really set me off. I don’t sleep much, and my eyes are too tired to read. But I keep in mind that our 4 grandkids are waiting for us, and that is enough motivation for me. We are one happy, loving, devoted family!

Ok, so the selfie stick is in the way…

Here are some examples of what we live like when we are here in Donostia:

Ok , the food is outstanding! And the wine, so delicious!

But the best thing of all is spending time with our family.❤️

Every once in awhile the sun would peek out…

The gardens are thriving because the plants get so much rain!

San Sebastián is a wonderful city that my girls from another mama live in with their families. Their friends and family here have opened up their hearts to include us.

Now if that little face doesn’t make you smile, then look again! And I’m not talking about my face. I’m one happy, well fed Noni! I’ll see you in Chicago next!

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