I renewed the blog…

I decided that it was time to tell my readers that I want to keep blogging.  Even though PeeWee is getting some rest from his big adventure, I still would like to let others know about how it feels to stop being full time RVr’s.

IMG_6093As you know, I love it here in Longmont, Colorado.  I love it so much that we bought a house here.  And, oh how I love this house.  It needs some updating, but I can do it, with Terry’s help.  We both have been spending much of our free time working on house projects.  And it’s not always fun.  It can be frustrating, as well as expensive.  But I think we can be happy here.

IMG_6231Yes, the chalkboard green has to go.  I’m just not feeling it.

Terry is working hard to adjust to life NOT on the road.  He loved the traveling lifestyle more than I did.  There are so many parts of the full time RV lifestyle that are fabulous, but for me, I just was over it.  I wanted to come back to Colorado for so many reasons.  Terry is more adventurous and a loveable old hippie.  He could have gone on and on, from place to place with me at his side.  And I love him for that.  Often, we talk about the places we visited and the fun we had.  Instead of feeling the fondness of the memory,  we sometimes feel frustrated with each other.  This is where the strength of our love comes to the rescue.  I say this because I want readers to know that this kind of commitment, meaning RVing full time, affects couples in different ways.  So, one of the things we do to adjust to reentry, is make plans to go camping!  Those plans will have to wait until  after our big event that is coming up…Michael and Katie’s wedding here in Colorado!!!!

IMG_6471Terry and I were in Chicago in June for about 10 days.  It was great to connect with friends and family.  June 23 was Katie and Stephanie’s Happy Hour Bridal Shower at Bar Cocina.  Perfect weather and a perfect celebration!

The second celebration was for Stephanie and Jack, who will be married in December in Chicago.  YES, both kids in one year.  Gulp!

So we count our blessings, and realize that we have so much to be grateful for.  Stay tuned for lots of celebrating and BIG LOVE when Terry officiates the marriage of our son Michael James to Miss Kathleen Savage on August 18, 2018 in Estes Park, Colorado.  Our family from San Sebastian will be at the wedding, too!!! Excitement overload! Thanks for following!

1 thought on “I renewed the blog…”

  1. You are a busy woman! I love that you are blogging still! Thanks for your honesty with your relationship. Relationships are hard and you have a great one. We just went camping and it was spectacular! Can’t wait for the wedding!


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