Settling into Autumn 2018

Looking back to last year and comparing what’s happening now to then brings up lots of crazy feelings. I really loved life as a full time RV couple. Not everyone that knows me believes this, but it’s true. I especially loved seeing new landscapes and learning about local culture. From Canada to Mexico and all over the USA west of Denver; what an amazing experience.

Now we are here, living in our new home in Longmont Colorado. Life is good. But I’m here to tell you we went through some rough times while adjusting to life in “sticks and bricks.” There were moments that I thought I had made a monumental mistake by buying a house. Terry and I were on completely different wavelengths. We argued constantly. After spending 10 months together in 400 square feet and now this??

The good news is that we never lost sight of the love and respect we have for each other. Talking it out; not easy for me, was truly the way to making peace with each other and our decision to settle down.

Our friends helped us feel welcome again, without even knowing we were feeling out of sorts.

So, Terry and I are living well, happy, and healthy. Terry got a job at Ute Creek golf course. He gets up at 4:30 in the morning and goes to the golf course to cut the grass. I’m sure it’s more detail than that, but I know he’s tired when he comes home at around lunchtime. The perk is free golf. and he takes advantage of it!

I am doing a lot of calligraphy. I found an app called Thumbtack that I have gotten most of my customers from.

Those are just a few examples. I did the calligraphy for Mike and Katie’s wedding.

I’m also tutoring for children with dyslexia. It’s challenging work, but I enjoy it.

And… I’m back in the classroom but this time as a substitute teacher! I am really enjoying this! I love being in school again, working to help teachers out, and especially meeting and working with kids!! I did not think I was going to like this very much but I’m very happy doing it.

So, that’s that. I was thinking about this blog during my morning run and I wanted to update those of you who are interested.

Thanks for reading, and until the next time. ❤️

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