On the road again with PeeWee and the Toad

Ok, so I’m happy to admit I have really missed the traveling lifestyle. This time around, I know I have a home to return to. But for the next 12 days, it’s mountains, bright sunshine, starry nights, and fresh air!

We are just west of Cañon City Colorado, in a camping area called Penrose Royal Gorge East Ridge. It’s basically boondocking but with a picnic table, a fire ring, and a gravel spot that’s pretty level. We are prepared with water and food. And libations. 🍺

The hike we took on the first day was sweet. It was quite warm; about 85 degrees. The views of the Gorge were amazing!

The flowers are in bloom. I’m so entertained by their simple beauty.

Our bike ride to see the Royal Gorge bridge was short and downhill. The bridge is an engineering marvel.

The ride back was not easy. I think I was in better shape last year 😳.

Ahhh, the sunsets here are beautiful. And the evenings are breezy and warm.

And now we are off to Great Sand Dunes National Park. Life is good.

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