Great Sand Dunes National Park

The ride here from Cañon City was beautiful. We took Hwy 50 west, through Bighorn Sheep Canyon. The Arkansas River was flowing swiftly with all of the snowmelt. We headed south at Poncha Springs on Hwy 17. The road was flat and the Sangre de Cristo mountains provided excellent scenery as we headed toward San Luis State Park.

The campsite is in the middle of nowhere. Seriously. But it’s not far from Great Sand Dunes National Park, which has been on my list of adventures for some time. This place is magical! Check this out! These sand dunes are the tallest dunes in North America. The sand comes from two mountain ranges; the San Juan and the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Wind and water over thousands of years piled the sand to create this magnificent area.

The water that flows during late spring/early summer comes from Medano Creek. People love to splash and cool off in this pristine space. This is Terry.

Oh, and the dunes!! The sand is soft and silky and the wind blows it into patterns. I couldn’t wait to climb as high as I possibly could!

Terry once again indulged me by accompanying me all the way up to the summit of High Dune. It took us awhile, with frequent breaks, but dammit we made it!!

Coming down was really fun, and I was glad to soak in the creek. We hung out for awhile, then went back to PeeWee for lunch.

It gets too hot to hang at the campsite, so we headed to a hot springs pool.

Good clean fun included cocktails. Tomorrow we leave for Crested Butte. 👍😊

Thanks for riding along with us.

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