Heavenly Crested Butte

WOW and repeat. I’m not sure that there is an adjective that can describe the natural beauty of summertime in Crested Butte. I’m open to suggestions, though.

After 4 nights of dry camping, we chose to stay in an RV Park. The only one in town is CB RV Park. Two miles outside of town. Next to a river, surrounded by mountains.

Perfect !

So we set up camp and headed for the town. It reminds me of Telluride, country chic.

And really friendly people! Terry and I avoided an afternoon thunderstorm by ducking into the nearest door, which was serendipitous because we ended up having a lot of fun.

And with 5 minutes left of happy hour, we made swift decisions.

Chipotle, tomatillo, and pineapple habanero salsas! Yes please! And a side order of Don Julio, a homemade margarita, and a local craft beer. $10.94 total 😳. Yes of course we left a generous tip. 😌

Crested Butte has a wildflower festival annually. I’m happy to be here right before the event begins. Many of the flowers are in bloom. It’s a sight to see.

People in this town are very proud of the activities CB has to offer. Many of the hikes I had chosen were off the table because of the heavy snow still on the trails. Snowmelt makes the rivers dangerous and impossible to cross.

A local resident recommended Snodgrass Trail, near Washington Gulch. It did not disappoint.

Big open sky, snow capped mountains, and did I mention flowers???

Snodgrass is rated moderate, a 6 + mile out and back hike through meadows and aspen groves. There was some elevation, but nothing that made us turn back.

Snodgrass was one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever had the good fortune to experience.

Terry wanted to try his luck at fly fishing the following day. Let’s do this!

I am wearing my trout-fit…get it?? 🤣

So that was the catch of the day.

Last night was our final night in Crested Butte. The Cocktail House is an off the main path, funky log cabin with fancy drinks. 👍

And our next stop was Eldo Brewery and Tap Room. With live music on the deck.

We met fun people and just took it all in. And as we pulled into the RV Park, the night sky was filled with stars! The Milky Way stretched across; glowing with celestial energy. I’ll never forget it.

Now it’s time to pack up PeeWee and get to Palisade. I hope you were able to feel the vibe of this beautiful mountain paradise.

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