Palisade Colorado😊

Crossing the state line from Utah into Colorado was emotional for me. On one hand, I feel like I’m just about home. Even though I don’t have a sticks and bricks home here heehee. On the other hand, it feels like we are nearing the end of our big adventure. I’m not sure what that will look like, but I am sure that Terry and I will make the decision that is best for us.

I am tired of RV living. It’s a great lifestyle, and it has afforded us experiences like I never imagined. But I’m just not cut out for full timing forever. Nuff said.

Terry may feel differently. I will leave that up to him to write about, if he chooses.

Palisade is a gorgeous area on the western slope. Spring is in full force there. The grapes are beginning to leaf out and apple and peach trees are on their last bloom. It’s an idyllic place with lots of sunshine and happy people.

Our friends were great hosts, as usual. But it’s time to say goodbye. For now.

Driving over Vail Pass and the Continental Divide is always exhilarating.

Terry is power driving today. He’s a good man. I’ll be in touch soon. Thank you for coming along with us!👍

1 thought on “Palisade Colorado😊”

  1. I am starting at the end—I guess I will be going back in time reading your blog. Thanks for sharing this link with me. I look forward to reading it and learning about your experiences. Looking forward to getting to know you better, Denise (Open Mic in Longmont)

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